Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia Day – May 2nd

This is the day we as a community remember all the NKH kids that have passed, and to raise awareness for our NKH warriors still fighting.

We raise awareness by:

  • Changing our profile picture or share an image with the NKH Overlay (available here) on the lead up to the day. We also ask friends and family to change their profile pictures too.
  • Change our cover image or share on the day, asking people to switch out their coffee for the day and donate £3 instead. In the UK, this is done through texting a donation.

This is also the one day of the year we ask the NKH community to donate towards research (as opposed to asking friends + family – from our own pockets we donate).

It’s called the $50 challenge. If every family donated $50 (or as much as they can, asking a friend or two to help if need be), we’d make a considerable dent in the amount of research that can be done.

More can be found on the website: